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Peek at the Stairs

We prefer to take pictures before any of the contractors get their hands on a new rehab project.  In the case of our new brick home project, however, I had two sick kids strewn on the couch and needing extra love.  As a result, the Before pictures of this property were taken after the first day of work.

As you can see, the painters had already begun repairing the walls.

The stairs in this house are fun.  I love the way the last tread wraps around the wall into the living area.

Pardon the construction dust

I also love the hidden compartment.

Wonder what was stored in here?

We will be restoring the wood on the stairs to their original condition, not painting them.  Painting the risers and the trim can look beautiful, but it really is a matter of personal preference.  We’ll let the future owners make that call for themselves.